Best youtube channels to follow in Computer science

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    more information here

    Here are some youtube channels to follow if you really want to know the computer science.


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    pacav, Please check your links. They are not working at all for me. I get:

    Error 1011: The owner of this website ( does not allow hotlinking to that resource (/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/rsz_itsecrabbit-1-1.png).
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    1. The New Boston

    This channel has tons of videos for every language, technologies, etc which a cs student will ever required. Python, java, android, iOS, node.js, php, HTML, CSS, git, Linux, illustrator,….. You name it and you will find awesome tutorials for everything on this channel.


    It is an introduction to computer science course offered at Harvard extension school but believe me it is not just an introduction to CS. The instructor of this course Prof David J Malan is so awesome that he will make you fall in love with CS. Along with the programming languages like C, php, JavaScript, etc you will learn how to think like a computer scientist. If you are less comfortable with algorithms and data structure the shorts and walkthroughs will really help you. The CS50 live episodes are also amazing in which current technologies and other interesting things are discussed outside the class.

    3.Khan Academy

    Maths and computer science videos are really helpful.

    4.TEDx Talks

    Tedx is the best learning resource where you can learn from the actual leaders, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and visionaries. You will learn how there mind works. There are great interviews of people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Larry Page, and many more. These are not typical computer science videos but you will learn much more which will help you in the long run.

    5.Google for entrepreneurs

    This is another great resource to learn about entrepreneurship and will really help if you want to develop your own business in the future.

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    I did let pacav know that if he was to share only the links that they may be deleted when they are moved - nothing on this internet stays hard linked, they are working towards fixing that, but for now, please add the data of interest to any posts, just in case the source dies.
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    Hehe, I Build It. I like Matthias Wandel better (they know each other), though he's more experimental and not all that practical.
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    Makes you want to find where your local hackerspace meets.
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    The guy's face on the Mental Floss thing is the annoying guy on Portlandia, LOL:

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    Ugh, the family plan vid's audio seems to be a bit off. Here's a shorter version of the same (maybe it's just my browser):

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    Also, I found to be very male oriented, so:

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    the link was not working, now its working

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