BSOD after running settings tool

Discussion in 'Other Tools' started by zdevilinside, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    I am getting BSOD after I apply anything using the settings tool. If I don't use it, I am fine. I vaguely remember someone posting a fix for it but I cannot remember it nor have been able to find it on here. What is the fix for this?
  2. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Is it the Settings tools included in a Last10 build, or is it the one included in the AppDisc template from last month? It should be the same Settings tool and I think it should work with Win7 and 10. Do you use Win10?
  3. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    It was the one that came with Last10_x64_2015.11_ReturnOfNights DVD image. I am using it on a Windows 10 system.
  4. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

  5. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    BSOD by Settings shouldn't be possible, especially if using on a Freshly installed OS, if you do figure out why it's happening then I will certainly fix it, keep working at it please.

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