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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by LiveFreeDead, May 17, 2015.

  1. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I remember you telling me about the .exe's failing to update, but at the time I had similar problems with the .msi's for some reason, and thereafter never really tried again. They are working really well for me now so I guess we'll keep using the .msi's (y)
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  2. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Notepad2-mod_v4.2.25.991_ppApp was updated recently but our custom configuration file (.ini) for the x64 version somehow got overwritten by the default one. Fixed now and re-uploaded.
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  3. Trouba

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    The new VirtualBox ssApp (v5.1.22.x) may not upgrade an existing install of a previous VB version, so you may have to uninstall v5.1.20 (or previous) manually. Usually, I can install right over a previous version but this time it wouldn't work for me.

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