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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by LiveFreeDead, May 17, 2015.

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    Not so negative, look at the bright side. At least we can all get a taste for what a Third World dictatorship with a sprinkle of nepotism feels like without leaving the country. Not that we have money to travel :D Remember that the next time you talk to a German or Swedish traveler in the US having the time of their lives. How do they have time and money after paying all those taxes? Just keep voting Republican, people... Not that any of this is dangerous or anything:
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    Oops. LOL

    I meant to say we'd been talking about VPN options because of the latest insanity regarding Internet privacy-for-sale, net neutrality, and copyright trolling.
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    Hehe, I thought I might be off a bit, but... I said it anyway :D

    It does kind of tie in for me personally because over the weekend I was fixing someone's computer (family member who is a diehard Republican) and he was asking me about the security measures on the PC. So he asked me if the ISP shouldn't filter out stuff for him, so I replied the only thing they might do is sell your information to Chinese and Russian companies because the government made that possible. He thought I was talking about Obama, so I said, NO, it was your beloved Republicans who pulled back your protections. He just stared at me :) Let's just say that Fox News doesn't burden people with a lot of information...
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    LOL, all I can do is laugh, because it would make me want to cry otherwise. I thought they changed their name to FOX Entertainment - because I don't call Celebrity information, news and that is about all they offer, but even that is usually inaccurate or entirely made up.
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    Updated Autoruns to 13.71 ppApp and also added latest Autoruns to Last7 and Last10 ssApps. I mention it because I always edit the Autoruns .exe's to run as Administrator to make it work as expected when UAC is on, etc. Also added the latest hosts file with our own additions. The hosts file now stands at approximately 13,000 lines.
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