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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by zdevilinside, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    Do any of you know what is going on with that site? Every time I have visited it recently, I get a message saying "Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality.

    We will be back soon.."

    A lot of us used to visit that site.
  2. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    Pixelad sold the forum, but the buyer then said he'll take over payments from the following month, then he pretended like it never happened, Pixelad still holds the forums but no longer uses them, I think someone else applied an update to the forum which broke things (a lot), Pix said he was gone restore a backup, but that was over a month ago, so chances are he's abandoned it - at least for now.

    But most of all sharing is no longer the point, so I didn't want to put in the effort I usually did when SITP needed a hand to fix code things, I would have gotten more response if I had share my mods on Mars. Had I been asked to help I would, but most people know by now, if what I do isn't appreciated, I stop doing it - saying thanks is not appreciation, some feedback or at least "it works" is the bear minimum for me to continue to share my time.

    I never really enjoy the lack of discussion on Software forums, even majorgeeks is borderline as they often feel I am taking a dig at their efforts when I am only pointing out problems they can fix... if they want to. SITP's model needs to change to be useful but I don't see that happening, all it would take is forced comments to see links, it's absolutely essential that a forum has communication, else a bulletin board would do with links to the latest releases.

    I could put a lot more effort in to having people here at LastOS, but I enjoy just tinkering around and people can join in if they wish, makes things more organic and real responses are way more valuable than the shallow troll like responses I seem to see everywhere else.
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  3. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

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  4. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    Thank you for the update. I asked about SharingIsThePoint because it was my first "mod" website. In fact, Sop's builds were what took me there in the first place. I just hate seeing places and things I like on the web disappear. Lately, it has been happening a lot; AOL instant messenger was my first IM service (because I worked for AOL was beside the point), Fatwallet is closing on Monday (my first "deal" website) and now I find out what is going on with SiTP. :(

    I agree with you. It is nice to get feedback from your hard work. You know as well as I do that I appreciate the work of the modders here and have expressed that in PM and other ways. It is just sad to see so many things go down the toilet. :(

    I need to learn to create a forum like this one. My purpose wouldn't be for modding but for something that applies to my everyday life and those that want to live a similar one. Can you recommend any sites that I could visit to learn how to setup a forum with similar capabilities/setup?
  5. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    Sent PM, I never included hosting options as that is the expensive part that needs more play details (like your predicted monthly data usage, speed, space etc), so you can just start small to test it out, or go big and try to get noticed. It's never easy making a forum people want/need to use (especially if another method for getting information already exists).
  6. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    Thank you for all of your help! :)
  7. vanTorX

    vanTorX New Member

    Hi there. It is sad to hear about the SITP forums. Was also wondering for some weeks now about that displayed message there.
    I thought to look there to see if something is cooking from your shop and to check what was the latest Last10 version - I got confused by seeing in my torrents seeds Last10_x64_2016.09.iso which I subsequently found was 'experimental release' (uploaded 54.6GB) and the last proved Last10 is Last10_x64_2015.11_ReturnOfNights.iso which, as I found, I also happen to seed (uploaded 108.8GB).

    Actually right now I found I also have Last10_x64_2016.10.iso not among torrents seeds, I suppose it might be the last Last10 then, stable, that is trusty release?

    I suppose folks that care about your work should know about this forum and if you might have something to share out, you can always let us know here and upload to TPB or else to some file sharing uploading site. Myself I found Mediafire works well, I was sharing out from free account game installation 3GB in size and it was downloaded 444 times over a couple months period without it being blocked or something.

    This week I updated win10 that came with a new computer to the latest win10 version from MS and then applied the Last10 modding tweaks to it and it worked without glitch, thank you all here that worked on it, including the updated apps repository into which I also dipped a little. Myself I am mostly 'windows user' and I dip into its setups only on occasions such as this one and when I do, I am amazed how windows nowadays includes stuff that needed to be modded in years ago and with shutting up UAC (included in your last10 tweaks) and such likes as well as uninstalling Norton AV and installing Classic Shell start menu makes windows 10 pretty well livable.
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  8. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I do plan on making a Last10 RS3 release, but I have found the few times I have installed it I get weird issues, so I was waiting for the next major Patch Tuesday to see if they fixed them, Trouba does a great job of sharing his own updated app collection here at LastOS and when it gets to me building a full release, I update all the apps he doesn't use himself (thus will not update :D ). He also helps me with the Tweaks and is the only one of us that does VM testing of additions to the tweaks before sharing his versions that I soon after mod (usually due to his habit of using UAC off like you mention, I keep UAC on because I aim at suiting basic PC users with LastOS's rather than advanced users (who know how to turn UAC off themselves for example).

    I don't think SITP will come back now, it's not my decision or in my control and I imagine the cost of it in it's current state will overwhelm the owner sooner or later to where it will not be worth their time to restore/repair or rebuild a new forum, people don't talk much on forums anymore, if it's not on facebook or they aren't great people (like those who post at LastOS), then they feel people are being insincere or even mocking them - I was nearly banned on another forum recently after I responded to a request asking about Norton AV (which by the way is a subscription service now and no longer offline registered), I said it's a bad idea to use any AV software and norton was one of the most CPU and HDD intensive ones out there - I had the original poster lash out at me saying "if you don't have keys I can use the STFU and don't bother posting in my threads again", then the Admin of the forum agreed that my comment was out of place (in the request thread they only want direct links and no conversation, even though ALL other threads were filled with small talk and advice), so I have stopped being active online, I only want to help people but it turns out the majority don't want help they want, what they want without a second thought - which as it turns out I never wanted thanks for any work LastOS did/does but I do require the respect (even if it is just for the time I spend) and I don't mean I want praise, I just don't like being disrespected publicly - never have :D

    I am off topic again, lately I have been offline quite a bit, just not much time in my days and when I do have time (such as after hours) I am too mentally drained to do anything more than watch a few TED speeches on youtube or something where I can learn something new.

    When I do get time to make a Last10 RS3 it may not be much more than what you have already done as all the tools are built to be use on ANY windows 10 post install now - so you can tweak and install any win 10 OS to be awesome, I just release OS mods for a AIO easy solution to people lacking time to do the offline OS update themselves. As I don't constantly use my PC or gain feedback on what people want/need in a OS anymore, I don't have anything new or exciting to add, it's just the same stuff as always - maybe a bit more refined. MS always introduces new and improved bugs in every win 10 release now tho and anybody who tried to mod the theme ends up with a miss mash of ugly once Microsoft Patches (which are 500+MB every 2nd Tuesday) restores unpatched .dll's to the system erasing all the hard work that goes in to making the OS look nice/usable. It's an ongoing joke between myself and trouba that using Win 10's Explorer is like staring directly into the sun as it is as white as you can make your screen produce - it doesn't look modern, nice or refined, instead it looks glaring and boring.

    Anyways, I have a binge of Stranger Things Season 2 (tv show) to catch up on, so tomorrow night is planned for me :p tonight will be filled with sleep and the knowledge that this post is all I had time to do on my PC today.
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  9. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    That guy sounds like a Helpdesk employee, Glenn. The one that will ask you whether your power cord is plugged in. "Using an AV is a bad idea" probably displaced some rusty neurons up in his brain and he had a freakout. Were you on Retestrak by any chance? :D
  10. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    No, but probably some of the members go on the same site (most modding sites are the same members after all).
  11. vanTorX

    vanTorX New Member

    Glenn, thanks for in depth answer & comments on the win10 current situation.
    Perhaps instead of trying to mod win10 directly, it is better to use third party programs (where possible) that update 'themselves' if needed to continue running on updated win10.
    Like some third party Win explorers probably allow changing window pane color. Problem is, despite myself trying out several of them, I default to native explorer in the end for one reason or another. A while ago I used Xplorer2 for some time but then the registration 'broke' (it never holds up for long) and since I don't utilize features of such powerful programs much, I wouldn't consider paying up for it. I liked mostly having many locations displayed permanently in tabs and use two panes side by side and that was about it. Another powerful explorer is XYplorer or Directory Opus....

    I like to fix things but noticed that people pretty well never are interested in details why something broke, they just want to get it fixed. And if they are trying to fix something themselves, they don't go to the root of the problem with result the breakage re-occurs. It it the same as with computers and windows modding, as you say, people just want the end result and are not interested in any insights into it to become at least educated users or your efforts.
  12. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I respect that people have "better things to do" with their time than to think about their OS, The problem lays in the fact Microsoft charge money for their OS and it doesn't do what we want, they should offer a solution for that reason alone, but even because Light Gray text on a Dark gray or even black background looks much nicer to a descent percent of PC users, No to mention any OLED gains in the future when running less pixels (due to no back light just LEDs).

    A third party solution will not work, I could personally make a hack to change the colour of the background, but then the text will still be dark, thus unreadable on a dark background - so a useless tool to make.

    I did learn two useful hotkeys lately tho:

    Alt + Left Shift + Prt Scr - Toggles High Contrast mode

    Win Key + Pause/Break - will bring up the Sys Properties

    I know some people managed to mod using the high contrast theme, but I found that buttons would be hard to read, headings on windows were non existent etc, so not ideal, not to mention it is VERY ugly and not a nice environment to work with.

    Shell replacements and file managers would be a solution in the short term, but like you I am yet to find a nice free one that themes well:

    Free Commander XE allows theming, maybe I should take another look at that but I will still push for MS to fix their limits more than a patch.
  13. vanTorX

    vanTorX New Member

    I checked out that commander and didn't fall in love with it. One thing that native win explorer does well is line selection, when it selects just the name of a file, not a whole line (column) width and in my experience it is exclusive at being able to do that. That is one of the first features I look for in any explorer. I like to be able to deselect by mouse click into 'empty space' and full line file selection makes it treacherous and outright difficult when files fill up the whole win explorer window view - I always use single click to open/run files and select by mouse over, those who open files by double click don't see that as issue.
    In dual pane view, if you have open Quick view panels, they are crossed - selecting file in left pane shows its info in right pane and vice versa. Not that I find this view practical, the info is geared to techies and where win explorer shows you a frame from selected movie, here it offers you playing the movie in that quick view area.... which is not what you'd want, win explorer way is way more useful.
    I tried to make icons in menu bar bigger but increasing their size works only for icons inside the drop down menus, not those icons in menu bar. On the plus side I see many interesting menu choices there, just it seems this explorer is more for tech use than your normal day to day use.

    About that Xplorer2, those who crack it obviously don't use it because then they would find out the crack fails in matter of some days, I found if you use preferences to customize the things to your liking, it seems to break the crack. Apparently the maker of the program has one up over the crackers (I have early version of the program which stays regged somewhere) . Still like you guys, I prefer free solutions like that commanderXE and will keep it in my arsenal.

    Re that high contrast feature, lately I was setting up computer for older friend, decreasing monitor resolution to make everything bigger, also in accessibility panel made mouse cursor bigger (also made it to go white on black background and vice versa), but high contrast as you say it total wash out, no idea who'd want it, perhaps it might be of some use with some type of special vision disability but I kind of doubt it. In this connection I strongly advise against changing the setting of size of text etc. from the default 100% (Settings, System, Display) because it is buggy as hell (including when you try to revert to 100%), nuff said. Only reliable and best way to increase text and all else is via resolution change.
  14. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Every try XYplorer? I've tried understanding what you meant about line vs name selection but I'm not sure what to make of it. If I am right in interpreting what you meant, I think XYplorer does that. Let me know if you need it.


    Then there is of course the deep Directory Opus. I know one person who uses only that.
  15. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I used Opus when I owned an Amiga :D - changed a bit since then tho. They have had multiple rewrites from scratch.
  16. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I found this interesting Tabbed Explorer (single window) with bookmark/bar support, I use uniextract to look at it (runs as a ppApp), I noticed it doesn't scale well (I run 125%), but I will try to fix that and see if I can theme it - pretty cool if I can make it play nice tho.


    Seems they keep dropping features, has ties to adware and malware and generally makes me sad that such a great tool is wasted on a Chinese knockoff mentality, instead of a crisp tool we desperately need.
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  17. vanTorX

    vanTorX New Member

    Been busy, sorry for not following up sooner. By "line vs name selection" I mean that in windows explorer the file selection ends where the file name ends vs the selection in third party explorers that extends full width of the column no matter if the file selected has much shorter name than the column width (column width is determined by the longest filename in that column).

    Full column width selection means you don't have free space to 'click off' to deselect unless the window pane is large enough or files are few enough so there is free space underneath files to click into to cancel what is selected.

    And again this issue doesn't come up for those who don't use single click to 'run' files. Since I didn't use either XYplorer or Xplorer2 for some time now, I can't tell one from the other just from memory. Mind you, Directory Opus was always iffy when it came to medicine, it either didn't work or it broke before long. Only last year I was able to get hold of a portable version that holds up. You (Trouba) aptly labeled it 'deep' and I can only second it. :unsure:

    I find most important is how explorer handles basic everyday tasks, people have different habits and it is a thin and sometime nebulous line between liking it or not. Also the medicine has to hold because if you spend fair time tweaking settings to your liking, nothing is more annoying than for it to break loose.

    Thanks for the tips though, Q-dir I tried last year but somehow slipped back to using the default win explorer, typically I open two instances of it to pull files between them when doing file housekeeping. It is of course much easier to do those chores with dual pane tabbed explorer.
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  18. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

    Alchemists Revolution is the sister-site to SitP; and it is still active. They share many of the same founders/owners, and I believe most of the content was cross-posted back and forth anyway.
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