Tic-Tac doesn't obey laws of physics

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    Slightly misleading title, perhaps, but listen to this former Navy pilot describe his encounter with a UFO. This sighting was corroborated by 3 other pilots at the time, and there is video as well. The pilot speaking here, David Fravor, described the UFO as "not from this world" due to it seemingly not obeying the laws of physics.

    Whatever the object was, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the behavior and speeds of this object can not be explained by any technology we as humans possess. The typical response will be that this UFO was probably part of a secret government program but after Trump's election I no longer believe any government on Earth has technology that advanced -- and any deep state isn't that deep.

    My personal thoughts since I was a teenager have been that planet-formation is typical rather than a-typical around stars (the last 10 years have really borne this out) and that consciousness is integral to matter and the universe itself. So to me it is only natural that sooner or later we will encounter alien life. Personally, I think alien life has already encountered us. We are ready for it now, or so we think, but of course aliens might have been around millions of years ago -- not just when we finally have a basic understanding of space and other planets and solar systems. But I digress:

    This is a video about the same subject but a day later with Christopher Mellon, former DoD employee, talking about what led up to the encounter:

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