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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by zdevilinside, Sep 12, 2017.

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    I have a system I built with Windows 10 using the LastOS tools. After the build was complete, the system was rebooted and the keyboard/mouse do not function whatsoever. However, when I go into Safe Mode, keyboard and mouse are fine. I have reinstalled the base Microsoft Drivers for keyboard/mouse and that hasn't fixed the issue. I have deleted the "PCI Bus" from device manager and rebooted (forces the OS to reload all system drivers) and that hasn't fixed it. The only things I have done have been to install Win10, ssApps and ppApps.

    System is a Clevo P157SM. Drivers all come from Clevo's website. Can you suggest anything I should try?
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    do NOT integrate drivers into windows 10, that is about the best advice I can give, if you need drivers, package them up into a SFX or silent install and pick them from ssWPI instead, the OS should be as vanilla as you can get - it has enough of it's own problems to deal with. Do not use drivers yo don't need, they don't help anymore EXCEPT graphics drivers and sometimes USB/chipset drivers if you are having problems or they are not detected at all.


    LOL Trouba's advice says the same thing directly, Drivers = bad, let Windows handle them all and see how you go.

    -EDIT 2-

    The reason why you don't need drivers anymore is MS's own servers contain the best Windows 10 versions of most drivers now, if your device will work in Win 10, you can bet it will almost always be built in to the online Update server (except 3rd party devices that aren't Motherboards/Graphics/Interface ones).
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    Glenn, they were not integrated into the build. I used the manufacturer's drivers that I downloaded separately.

    Trouba, that worked for a little while but then it started up again! :(

    I just LOVE dealing with a computer that is 8,000 miles from where I am trying to fix issues that were not there when I handed it off to the person before they went on their trip.

    Teamviewer works with no problems. :(

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