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    By default VLC player doesn't allow tapping or clicking to pause video playback and on their forum they refuse to allow it to even be an option because it "interferes with DVD menus", to which I left a response that they should do a check to see if it's even in a DVD menu and if not pause/toggle the video it's playing. I mean who watches DVD's anymore and why own 4k or 8k screens if your watching DVD's? why would you go to VLC (which is known for having inbuilt support for MANY video formats) to watch a DVD - it's stupid logic and I think our ppApp should have this fix included by default with a note added to the text saying how to disable the addon if you want to click DVD menus.

    Extract each arch's (x86 and x64) libpause_click_plugin.dll to the video_filter folder

    1. Restart VLC to load the newly added plugin
    2. Go into advanced preferences: Tools -> Preferences -> Show settings -> All (down bottom left)
    3. Enable/Disable the plugin with a checkbox: (in advanced preferences mode set in step 2) Video -> Filters -> Pause/Play video on mouse click
    4. Enable/Disable the plugin with a checkbox: (in advanced preferences) Interface -> Control Interfaces -> Pause/Play video on mouse click
    5. Change mouse button to the one you want: (in advanced preferences) Video -> Filters -> Pause click -> Mouse Button
    6. Restart VLC for settings to take place
    7. Play a video
    8. Click on video picture to pause/play the video

    Once we have the plugin configured we need to backup the new Settings from AppData (vlcrc) and put into the ppApp to be copied back to AppData on setup. I'll attempt to figure out if that is all that gets changed, but for now I need sleep.
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    I have placed a Test in the Repository if anyone gets a chance to test it for me, install it, open a video in VLC Player and try left clicking the video to pause/resume it, report back here - thanks.

    It seemed to not keep the "View - Status Bar option I had set (that setting was kept elsewhere) so after I found how to get Status Bar shown I noticed I forgot to add URL to plugin and a note to text, so made R3 release for testing.
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    Heh, it's like YouTube in a window! Yep, works for me.
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