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Discussion in 'LastOS News' started by Glenn, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I thought I always needed a Desktop PC, but I realized every time I went to upgrade my Desktop's hardware, I'd also want the faster memory, the better slot for the newer graphics cards, USB version upgrades etc etc, so now I just grab a laptop, use it until it's out dated and upgrade again - it works out cheaper, with the added bonus of silent PC usage, portable, battery backup and take up very little space.

    Trouba if you were really serious about wanting to run XP, you can easily run your screen at 1024x768 or even 1600x900 like the rich people used to have for XP - then it wont seem so bad, or for the authentic look get a CRT and cut a hole in your wall so the bit that sticks out the back doesn't seem so noticeable on a thinner profile bench :D

    I have spent my time updating the EMUlation pack's stuff, it's not really very interesting as anyone can do the task, turned out I never updated ssWPI to even show the roms it was just what I planned to do if peoples interest ever peaked, anyway, I'll finish it off and upload the V3 Refresh, it doesn't include a WII emulator or an PSX games, I really don't enjoy the retro gaming anymore it turns out, except the good ones, like Alex Kids and Mario, I tried to play Addams family and kept dying and wanted to rage quit :p

    I used to have HEAPS of 50pk spindles of old versions/burns too, but I did a big clean out when I moved houses and zapped them in the microwave to take to the tip (figured everything was always improving so why would I ever need them again).


    As for the zombie apocalypse, I've found PC's are quite useless without internet even now, so if I was fighting to stay alive I'd probably not have time to do anything locally anymore as the entertainment a local PC gives is only a distraction from your bigger problems.
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  2. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    As far as XP's UI, I can run it on the native resolution of my monitor, but the UI itself is not made for that resolution and doesn't scale well. You'll notice how the Win7 taskbar and start button, etc., are bigger than XP's. The text elements also get tiny. It just doesn't look right at all. On my old CRT it was about right :)

    I think you're talking more about MadXP now, and you probably know more about that because Mel Gibson is also from down under :D

    I do wish I could be comfortable on a laptop, but I can't use the keyboard and touchpad well. I kinda would like a Win tablet, or maybe one of those MS Books, but they're so expensive...
  3. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I almost never use my laptop screen, keyboard, touchpad or speakers - All mine are external, so the laptop is just a desktop case really :D I have taken it to a few people's houses who do not have USB 3 ports on their hardware so I can copy large amounts of Data quicker.
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  4. John Massey

    John Massey New Member

    I wanted to remark... I was able to download Windows XP v.22 -- I was not able to load in into my computers.. I too would like to try Windows XP .. The LASTOS version ...

    I have been using LastOS 7 from a few years ago... I had in on one of my USB drives and it was so useful I have just kept it ever since... and honestly I am still using it ...3 to 4 years later..!!!

    Now I have been trying out the LastOS 10... It has been really Great..!!!

    Questions arise though...?
    Can I copy the Files directly from my USB Drive to another USB Drive and expect to be able to install the LASTOS from that USB ... or Must I use Rufus or unetbootin to install the .iso ???
    My version of LASTOS 7 is out of date .. ssWPI version 9 ... Would it cause physical Pain and hardship ... If I wondered aloud what an updated LASTOS 7 looked like...??? ( nudge Nudge )
    Additionally most XP Computers can upgrade to Windows 7 but Windows 8 and 10 are just beyond there abillities.

    I have heard rumors of the ssOSModder that can perform miracles...

    I like the Idea of having 1 computer each for LAST XP and LAST 7 and LAST 10...........!

    HAS there ever been a LASTOS .. server operating system.... because in the back of my mind I would like to have a server in my home that plays my favorite online Games Like Tribes 2.


    My attempts to install LASTXP v22 were not successful. maybe a bad .iso The computers are 10 years old running 2 gig ram and CPU 64 bit at 2.4g and 3.4g
    Older 2004 Abit KV8 and a Dell Optiplex 620... I get the opening menu options to install XP with sata Drivers and/or the standard drivers set up ... additionally it would not run a live desktop from DVD or USB... the USB would not boot due to it being and unknown boot file ... The DVD would just blank screen and immediately go back to the menu options to install XP with sata drivers. I messed around with trying to install it using Hirens boot dvd trying to boot it and/or install it ... but I failed. so I still have not actually seen the LAST XP v.22
    I was able to install the Windows XP Black edition I made in 2013...

    Both computers are meant to run XP... so getting an updated XP with a fan made service Pack 4 would be ( cool...? ) .... Both computers can and do run Windows LastOS 7 and they are very smooth as long as I stick with the drivers they install with.... my attempts to install graphics drivers for the GEForce 7800 did not work out so well... ( resolution and video playback were actually worse with Drivers form NVIDIA. )
  5. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

    Have you tried running a checksum against the .iso? There should be a corresponding .md5 hash or file associated with the .iso to help determine if the download got corrupted.
  6. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    Every LastOS since LastOS7 has had a Menu.exe or AutoRun.exe that you can pick MakeUSB from, this will Erase ALL Partitions from any drive you pick using HP Format (you use this feature to make sure sector 0 is bootable as a lot of older hardware requires this be true and almost ALL other tools do not do this making it less compatible with said hardware), HPFormat also sets the new drive to Active and Bootable, unlike most other tools which assume your using a Thumb Drive (which do not require this flag to be set on most hardware).

    To install with UEFI you require the drive be formatted to FAT32, this is what allows modern hardware to boot to windows in 4-6 seconds instead of doing the BIOS test and hardware detection which can double the boot time on a SSD system even. so I recommend you use NTFS if you don't care about such things, but if you have a Surface or device that enforces Secure Boot (UEFI) then you'll need a FAT32 formated boot drive for it to even get detected as bootable.

    Once you have a bootable USB made you can resize the partitions with any resizer you wish and add more partitions as you need them. Then if you have a tested Win7+ bootable USB you can format or delete then copy install files to it as much as you want - all the way to Win 10 releases. The bootable method will stick to the disk until you delete the first partition from it then you will have to use HP Format again to fix it up.


    XP is a different story and I can't really help you get it all working properly again, I'd recommend you use the methods mentioned with any included text files as I am pretty sure I wrote step by step instructions with most LastXP's, these do not use NT60 boot sectors so will require a different USB disk to boot from, it may be easier to have it on a DVD-RW or -R and burnt at 4x speed (al OS DVD's need to be burnt slow to work as they have heaps of small files).


    I never made a Server OS but many of the public tools I released would have allowed it, I don't have access to the older builders anymore as my HDD's crash years ago, I am working to see if anyone else has them, but we'll see if anyone ever got the LastXP v21 or v22 Builders. As for LastOS7 I am hunting around for them but I only have the AwakenOS builder which is ssOSModder and only myself and C0dez3ro ever used that so no instructions were ever made for it. Making it pretty useless to other people.


    Except for the lack of 3D Acceleration/Drivers, if you bump up the memory to 2GB+ in any Dual Core or above PC you can get Windows 10 to work ok on it, but Win 7 will always be a little faster for older hardware with as little as 1GB of ram. If your PC's have less ram than that please use XP as it is much lighter on resources.

    REXLUTHOR New Member

    Hi, i took a look at the old HD drives and found LastXP v17, if you haven´t gotten from someone else in the meantime.....
    There is quite a bit of nostalgia with LastXP, at least for me.....It was the inspiration to do my own Lite builds and other beginner stuff. But the learning curve was fun and getting to actually have a useful end result....was kinda nice.

    It is a shame that the modders have been kind of removed...along with the instrutions. I used them to make some test runs but then life also got to me....and time got limited. What i do most now is play around with the appz disc. Yeah it´s not modding but something that is useful to me.
    In that sense i have a question: the appz disc was discontinued and a socalled "last" release made. However i notice that on the last10 the "engine" seems a little bit diferente. Would there be a way to port that to a updated appzdisc?. I mean only the struture.

    Thanks you guys for all the hard work....
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    REXLUTHOR New Member

    WIth the nostalgia in mind i have a curious question regarding a build of Win/ that floated around a few years back called "niteOS". Is this a MOD made by anyone here?. And if so which modder was used to make it?.
  9. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    I think we can make an updated appdisc, yeah. I got the template of the last one so I'll check it out tonight or something or when I have some time. We would just need to update ssWPI, Settings tool, and SetupS components, I think.

    The only thing that may be affected is how Settings tool works because I believe not all features of the older versions are find support in Win10. I thought there was some talk of Glenn making a Win10-only version of Settings tool (if I'm not mistaken) but maybe Glenn can correct me or clarify that.

    What I could do is use latest Settings tool (which would still work for Win7, 8, and 10 to a certain extent) and upload it that way.
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  10. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    OK, AppDisc Template updated here.
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  11. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I do not have a LastXP v17 still, I'll configure some FTP space to make life easier to get it uploaded.

    I think I remember a few people making their own mods based on our work and NiteOS may have been one of them, so it wasn't a direct release from any of us.

    The thing with modders is they were never 100% right and the longer I spent on them the harder it got to write any instructions, I pretty much abandoned them in favor of using Sysprep and manually making a LivePE & ISO overlay to generate my releases since Win 10's release. So a Builder/Modder is only needed if you work on Win 7 as 8.1 also works better as a sysprep, using batch files to automate a few cleanups and features enabled etc.

    Thanks T for updating the template.
  12. John Massey

    John Massey New Member

    I love stop by this site and find out whats going on from time to time and I noticed in your post you mentioned making some FTP space available to upload LastXP v17...
    While I dont have v 17 ... I do have v 22. IMG_1419.JPG
    The miracle of Older PC's is so much affordable electronics works just fine with Windows XP.

    I would like to find a copy of The Awaken OS 7. My copy of Last OS 7 works good .... but I can't shake the belief that the Awaken OS 7 version is more up to date and tuned better... sorta like two race cars where one is tuned my myself and the other by a mechanical engineer.

    I have been using LastOS 10 and I am not having any actual problems with it.... It works Great... so I have not been able to give you any BUG Reports....
    But I do come to read these forums and I frequently come away with a better technical perspective than I had before I came here to read up on the latest going on here at LASTOS
    For instance I read a few remarks about buying and using a solid state drive to increase speed on your computer and that works irregardless of what computer you have... so I have been looking around for a cheap Solid state drive... maybe in a week or two Ill get one...
    Additionally I was distracted by purchasing a Tablet made by RCA called the RCA Viking Pro its 80.00 on amazon 125 at walmart and it comes with a keyboard
    RCA viking pro tablet.jpg It does everything you would want a tablet to do.
  13. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    I have a cheap tablet and a iPad 3 (full sized), I use neither of them very much, as my Laptop/desktop is when I sit to drink coffee or take a break I just use that as tablets are much slower to browse the internet with (especially the iPad). Make sure you consider if you usually sit near your PC when your taking a break or sitting on the couch or kitchen etc - if it's the latter then a tablet will suit you and do that first, if you find you sit at your PC, get the HDD first and the tablet 2nd, I have found again and again that it doesn't matter what hardware you have to do a task, if it's faster than the slow one you'll turn to it first - ARM tablets are NOT fast only Intel/AMD have any real power to feel zippy, the only useful thing a tablet offers is being portable (so your not attached to a desk or one location), if you have no big plans to take advantage of the portability then a tablet will not be used for anything more than wasting time consuming media or reading a ebook or two IMO. I use my iPad in the car to play Angry Birds or Defender Chronicles while I wait for the wife and I use the other one or the iPad to view recipes in the kitchen instead of having to print them out to make anything new.

    Anyways, we have the following archived between us all now:

    LastXP -

    CosmOS v7.3 ReturnOfNights.iso




    There is a fair bit of extra stuff archived too such as the other tools we've made and some old versions of ssWPI & SetupS, but only we would really be interested in them :D

    I am glad Last10 is working fine for you, it has been used daily by myself so I knew it was a stable OS - I still don't use any Modern/Universal apps at all, I even replaced the built in Calculator with the original one from Win 8.0 beta before they made the dodgy new one that take 15 seconds to start, doesn't keep it's last size, has less features and is so ugly. I do use Plex on my Sons Surface Pro v1 tho, so they can be good if you need touch capability.

    REXLUTHOR New Member

    Thanks for this and please let me remind you that thank you is such a humble expression. :cool:
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  15. jaaa1976

    jaaa1976 New Member

    Hello..where I can download
    windows 7 lastOs7 x64 ..or can somebody suggest best modded windows 7 ? I was try xDark W7 ..is good ..didnt find better for now.. thanks
  16. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    jaaa1976, this website/forum only features tools and methods that aid in modding or customizing your OS installs and installing applications silently, it does not feature download links to Windows mods. xDark mods are a highly cuztomized/modded type of OS mod in that its maker did heavy customization of Windows files such as replacing of icons and other visual elements inside files. When you install those xDark mods they can be pretty cool looking, but such an OS won't very well withstand installing updates (of which there are MANY for Win7) because the updates will replace those modded files with newer versions that won't be modded, and so you end up with a kind of mangled looking OS (unless you don't ever use Windows Update). So if you like heavy mods like that, LastOS type builds may not be your cup of tea.
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  17. jaaa1976

    jaaa1976 New Member

    Ok,,thanks for understanding me about this forum ..What I understand now..is it better use original system with LastOS builds? or just keep modded os without updates?
  18. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    With xDark mod, yes, but with LastOS mods it does not matter as not many files are patched/modded in LastOS iso's, so if you install Windows Updates it will not normally mess anything up.

    I also liked xDark because the UI was very customized, but like I said if you modify 150 OS files (like the guy who made xDark did) and then you install Windows updates, those 150 modded files might end up being 20 and then the other 130 get reverted to their original look (icons, text, images, etc.) so then thing start looking bad and maybe even not functioning well.

    So coming back to LastOS builds (like Last7 or LastOS7), any Last7 mod would have been released a long time ago, so those mods are outdated now. But if you could find a Last7 build somewhere and download it, you could update the install.wim inside the iso with an updated one. But you would have to know what you're doing and what methods and tools were used inside for it work right. So it's kind of hard to tell you everything involved in making your own Last7 build (I still do this myself because I like Win7 the best) but if you don't mind using Windows 10 I think it would be easier to find a LastOS mod of Win10 out there.

    A "modded" OS means different things to different people. Some people only care about custom themes, where other people care more about system tweaks and context menus and other customizations.

    We do have a ssApp here that you could use after installing an updated image of Win7 (people are still updating Win7 images and making them available for download, if you look around). That ssApp will apply many registry tweaks and create handy context menus and other things that will make your OS kind of like a Last7 build. You can download it here: http://www.lastos.org/team/AppRepos...15.05.26_(Trouba's.Preferences)_NT6_ssApp.apz

    (Remember to use any of the ppApps or ssApps you first need to install SetupS.)

    But this won't include custom Win7 themes and stuff like that, just the tweaks.
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  19. jaaa1976

    jaaa1976 New Member

    Ok.i will try ..if somebody can send me some links for LastOS builds ..I will appreciate and I want test it..just see what is difference oposite xdark .thank you
  20. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Like I said, we don't post links to any OS mods here, just the tools, tweaks, and apps. So you have 2 options:

    - Find an old Last7 image to download somewhere and update it with updated install.wim and such.
    - Find an updated Win7 image (not Last7) and install it and then install the tweaks ssApp I linked to above and customize it as you wish.

    Or, if you don't want to mess with Win7 and would rather try Win10, try to find a Last10 image that someone may have made.
  21. jaaa1976

    jaaa1976 New Member

    OK..understand..thanks for support .. :cool:
  22. cute

    cute New Member

    can any one give me this os i love this moded more than any os
    LastXP v12
    LastXP v13
    Secure Open XP
    CosmOS v7.3
    LastOS Linux
    Cyvoc v0.1.4 (Linux)
  23. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    They do not exist anymore and as the post directly above your's points out, we do not share OS mods here at LastOS, we share the tools in them.
  24. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

  25. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

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