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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Glenn, May 17, 2015.

  1. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

    Have you tried the one from instead? uses (borrows) the same tech, I believe -- but not limited to FOSS like
  2. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I've never been able to figure it out. I think I even posted a question about it at one point somewhere but that was long ago.

    Basically, you can set the "DisableSplashScreen=true" in the .ini file (for example, in the case of LibreOffice, 'LibreOfficePortable.ini' in the main dir), but only after you've run the program at least once. Once you run the program, the portable creates a "Data" folder in which you'll find a (hidden) .ini file (also 'LibreOfficePortable.ini') but it contains:


    Unless that file has been created and it has listed a hard path to the program's dir, it won't honor "DisableSplashScreen=true" in the .ini in the main dir. I've never found a way to circumvent this. Since we use ppApps our ppApps drives won't be on the same drive for everyone, causing the LastDirectory= value to trigger the splash screen again when we have the ppApp on a different drive.

    It's a small thing but when you have various portable apps like that the only way I found is to set the .ini value to "true" manually after first run of the respective apps. There's got to be a better way!?

    I guess I could be selfish and just include the C:\ path and then it would at least work for me as I keep ppApps on my C:\ drive :D But I don't know if that would mess anything up for people using other drives so I haven't done that. I always pack the apps before running them and don't include any Data folder.
  3. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    It's only a problem the first time you run it in a new location:


    Place the above line in Data\LibreOfficePortable.ini regardless of the set LastDirectory={Path} and the 2nd time you run it, it will hide the splash screen, considering it's only the first run, it doesn't hurt.

    There is no other solution to this problem because they coded it to do what it does, it should have %BaseDir% or something, but they never bothered.
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  4. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

    If I remember correctly, the "LastDirectory=" line wasn't needed (I would omit it entirely) or replace the path with "LastDirectory=..\LibreOffice". I don't remember which worked. And as Glenn said, don't forget to include "DisableSplashScreen=true" in the Data folder's .ini-file.

    Then simply place this (Data folder) .ini-file in the Patch.7z file.
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  5. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    OK, I'll try all suggestions and see what works well enough. I would think that leaving the C:\ path in the Data folder .ini file would cause the app to generate a different path in the Data folder .ini when the app is being run from a different ppApp drive, so perhaps it doesn't matter if a given path would be present. But I'll test it, as I wouldn't want it to reset everything upon finding the wrong path, or something.
  6. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    Those that are sick - you need to learn that being sick is bad for your health!

    I have lost 3 people in the last couple of months due to pneumonia and am concerned about ANYONE that is getting sick right now.
  7. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    Trust me, I know I am sick, I've not bothered getting out of bed before 11:30am and been sleeping whenever I am able (due to coughing). I've been on school Holidays with my kids for the last 2 weeks and we've only left the house once in that time (to get groceries), I've not been able to concentrate on anything so I've not kept working on my projects and the few things I have done have been very small.

    My fever broke 6 days ago, so I should be better by now, but maybe I had more than one virus at a time. It really does suck I never got the break during the holidays I wanted, but as you said, there are worse things. I am just lucky I don't have a job or care about money, I would have been in trouble had I needed to continue going to work.
  8. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    - 7+ Taskbar Tweaker v5.4.0 (Win7) -- I looked a bit closer at the options of this proggie and made some changes to the custom defaults. Now, double-clicking on an empty part of the taskbar will produce Task Manager. This way, you won't have to go to desktop (especially when you have numerous windows open) and right-click, etc. When you mousewheel-click (middle-click) on an empty part of the taskbar, it will mute/unmute the audio. Also, when you hover over any area of the system tray, you can scroll the mousewheel to adjust audio volume up and down. I found these to be pretty handy things. I also changed some other taskbar and pinned item behaviors. I kind of hate the thumbnail preview popups on items, but when they're completely gone I also don't like it. So I kept them but only have listed items pop up, not actual thumbnails of open windows. I also have it set to "cycle between taskbar buttons" so you can place your mouse cursor anywhere on the taskbar's open programs/windows and cycle through them by scrolling the mousewheel; this will make it easy to get to the desired open window/proggie. I think that's about it :)

    - Updated naming from "Google Drive" to "Google Backup and Sync". BTW, SetupS is not picking up the app path for this correctly; the app installs to Program Files (x86) on x64 OS but the ssApp files get written to Program Files instead. This app doesn't require any patch.7z archives so it doesn't really matter.
  9. zdevilinside

    zdevilinside Member

    Glenn, I know that. I just thought some humor might help.
  10. Trouba

    Trouba Administrator Staff Member

    - Fixed a little bug I had overlooked in my settings for System Explorer v7.0.0 ppApp. The Snapshot feature of the app allows you to do before & after shots of your system, for example when you install an app or when you want to capture changing made in the registry or files when configuring apps, etc. Usually, one would scan drive C:\ and the registry, so I had it set to skip drives D:\ thru M:\ (or all other drives on most systems) but I forgot one semi-colon between the drive letters in the config file, causing my storage HDD to start scanning as I currently have more driver letters than before. So I fixed that and added some more drives so now it excludes D:\ thru T:\.

    Someone must have updated System Explorer to v7.1.0 but that version sported no new features and only introduced adware to the app, which is why I kept it at v7.0.0. I guess enough people complained because now even the official site offers only v7.0.0 again. So I put 7.1.0 in archive again and put the fixed v7.0.0 back.
  11. The Freezer

    The Freezer Lead Developer for SetupS Staff Member

    I'll take a look at it. I been wanting to do some tweaking on the OSArch side of things anyway, specifically DualArch. Also, some issues with AppPath (such as with the Start-in path)
  12. Glenn

    Glenn Administrator

    Yeah the fact Start-in path gets created when it wasn't there at all in the source is a bit of a pain for ppApps and ppGames as once my initial apps and games are installed to my small SSD I change it so the rest go to my slow Magnetic disk, and the Start-In breaks if I do a Regeneration from ssWPI or ssControl Panel due to %ppApps%\ %ppGames%\ not being on the original drive anymore.

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